Just a few bits I made inspired on characters. Regardless of that, I think they turned out quite neat!
From left to right:

Nicholas St. North;
-red suede cord
-toy bear

Jackson Overland “Jack” Frost;
-blue and white beads
-blue crystal
-three types of blue ribbon worked through a blue bead

Kozmotis Pitchiner “Pitch”;
-silver medallion (which still lacks the portrait of his daughter)
-black crystal like bead
-silver bead on black leather cord
-silver horse/nightmare

Sanderson Mansnoozie “Sandy”;
-little glass vial with tiny beads (dreamsand)
-yellow ribbon
-two butterflies
-a key

-peacock feather
-handsculpted tooth
-blue and yellow ribbons

E. Aster Bunnymund;
-shell on brown leather cord
-bell (in some countries eastern knows lore including bells
-handsculpted boomerang 
-green round bead
-another shell (shaped like a fang)

Two antique gold medallions, also still lacking the portrait of Pitch’s daughter.